How I Create
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How I Create

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How I Create

Most of the time I use oil or acrylic paints directly on, but sometimes I create unique, three-dimensional works with modeling paste, some texture, glue and other ingredients.
I create my paintings by adding layer after layer while letting the paint dry (more time for oil – less for acrylic) between every step.
Some paintings are done very spontaneously, while others are methodically planned out and the creation can take years… I always can improve something (if the painting is still in my studio)
In my work I use brushes, sponges, paper, textures, palette knifes, spray paint, water and most of the time (I love to paint with palms and fingers) I’m covered with paint.




If you want to see how I work – you can check my “Behind the Scenes” Pinterest Section  – I have several movies showing the process from start to end.
After the period of drying all of my paintings are covered with  multiple coats of varnish – special protective substance, which keeps the sunlight and moisture off the surface.
Recently I fell in love with mixed media technique, which allows me to use anything I want in my work – beads, shells, feathers, hand-made paper (I do it myself), small stones, tree branches, and other natural components.


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