Choosing the Right Wall Picture Frame
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Choosing the Right Wall Picture Frame

Choosing the Right Wall Picture Frame

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Learning how to choose the right wall picture frame is not as hard as one might first think. Start by taking a good look at the picture you need to frame. Look at the subject matter contained within the picture. Pay close attention to the colors and the overall color scheme in the picture. Then, inspect the area where the framed picture will hang. Look to see what other objects, accents, colors, and designs will be around the framed picture. You want the frame to fit into the space and accentuate the space as a whole.

After you inspect the picture and the space where the frame will hang, you are more educated on how to choose the right wall picture frame. It is very important that the frame you choose bring an accent to the picture it contains. You may be able to match the color scheme of the frame to the color scheme of the objects in the picture. You may be able to match the material the frame is made of to the objects contained in the picture. For example, a picture of a wooded landscape may look good in a frame made of wood instead of metal. Or a floral print with hints of gold may look best in a gold frame.

Not only should the frame accent the picture, it should also fit into the design of the space where the picture will be hung. If nearby prints are hung in black frames, it would make sense to continue the pattern and choose another black frame. If a shape such as a circle is repeated throughout the space, then a circular frame may make more sense. One good tip is to try hanging different frames in the space to see what fits the best before making a final decision.

When deciding how to choose the right wall picture frame, there is another consideration to make. Frames come in a wide variety of styles. Some styles include old-fashioned, contemporary, or futuristic ones. Again, you need to consider the subject of the picture and the space in which the framed picture will hang. For example, a black and white print from 1940 might look best in an old-fashioned frame or a simple black frame depending on the space in which it would hang. The rest of the decor surrounding the frame would dictate which frame suited the picture best.

The best tip on how to choose the right wall picture frame is don’t be afraid to try different frames before settling on the perfect one. If the first one you try doesn’t work, try and try again. Another idea is to take the picture to a framing specialist or a frame specialist store for assistance. The options for framing are endless.

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