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Hamsa (Khamsa) (C) (10"x12")

Hamsa (Khamsa) (C) (10"x12")

Hamsa (Khamsa) (D) (10"x12")

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Hamsa (Khamsa)

The Hamsa, also known as the Khamsa, the Humes hand, the Hand of Fatima and the Hand of Miriam, is a popular symbol found throughout the Middle East and northern Africa.

Abstract Art for You

This is the piece of original art created by Anastasia Tversky.

  • Perfect gift for any occasion 

  • Fits into any room - bedroom, kitchen, living room, recreation room, bathroom or hallway

  • Can be used for Office decoration

  • Smart investment 

Hamsa, Felicity Art


Painting Details


Total Size 6"x6"
Size of Each Canvas 6"x6"
Medium Mixed Media
Stretched Canvas Staple Free, Natural Cotton Duck
Signature On The Back
Sides Painted  Yes


Why buy from Felicity Art? Features And Benefits


Feature Benefit
Variaty of Sizes and Shapes Will fit into any room or office
Variaty of Colors Will fit into any decoration style and color theme
Variaty of prices Paintings for any budget
Ready to hang No additional work required - buy it and hang it
Recycled Packaging Used Save the trees - no new packaging used
Original, Unique, Signed Not a copy, absolutely unique piece of art, which can not be found anywhere else


Please Note, that real colors may differ from those on your computer. It may depend on the manufacturer of your monitor and video card.


My Canvases

Each canvas is signed on the back.Sides are painted



Custom Orders

If you think that this specific artwork does not fit into your environment, you can check out my SOLD PAINTINGS or other paintings for sale in the Felicity Art Store . I am also open to any sorts of custom orders - please do not hesitate to contact me directly at anastasia@felicity-art.com. You will be able to choose your own painting size, color palette and overall theme.


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